I come from a small city - Kluang in Johor, Malaysia. I'm a SGI member (SOKA Gakkai International). I was easily attracted to beautiful images since I was a child, I like to watch movies and aesthetically pleasing photo, but I have never had a chance to touch the field of imaging.


Until 2015, when I was studying for a master's degree in Taiwan, I got change to know a photography teacher, and through the teacher's introduction, i bought the first SLRs camera of my life - Nikon D3100. At that time, I knew nothing about the SLRs camera. I’m self-study through the Internet, and familiar with the operation of SLRs camera. From the beginning, I was mainly shooting landscapes and portraits. I thought about how beautiful photos on the Internet were taken. Gradually, photography became one of my favorite interests. When I was studying photography skill, I found that through some post-production methods, landscape photos can be made more beautiful and more visible. Therefore, I also learned image editing software (Photoshop, Lightroom) on the Internet.

In the next two years, I tried to take many types of photos, including landscapes, portraits, wedding dresses, wedding day shooting and event shooting, etc. I found out that the images produced by pre-wedding shooting are very visual, and also have a strong emotional and happy atmosphere. In addition, I also found that I like the combination of landscape and wedding portraits. In 2018, I became inclined to shoot pre-wedding photography. At that time, I searched the world's top wedding photographers on the Internet and found the work of KEDA.Z, I really like his style of pre-wedding, I hope to learn from his shooting techniques and aesthetics, so that I can also shoot works like him.

I will submit some pre-wedding artworks to an international-level photography competition. I hope that I can get some comments from the judges and learn from them. Several artworks achieved good results in this year's competition.For better technology and aesthetics, I also participated in the 2018 Fantastic 3 Photography Course (Taipei Station), the 2019 KEDA.Z International Honorary Master Photography Course, and the 2020 KEDA.Z protege Course.

I also hope that I can make more impressive works in the future and leave more happy memories for more couples


2018 Fantastic 3 Photography Course (Taipei Station)

2019 KEDA.Z International Honorary Master Photography Course

2020 KEDA.Z protege Course.

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